"I really do think it's about time there was a culturally current Worship CD for today's kids. I thought it was really good! The kids were great & did an awesome job. I really did like it."
Jim Wideman, CE Director & Children's Pastor, Church on the Move, Tulsa, OK.

"Hi Robb & Jacqui!
I just wanted to write and let you know how much we're enjoying the song, "I Am Somebody," from your new CD project. Fact is, we're planning on using it as a theme song in our kid's church in the coming year. I appreciate the fact that it's not just a self-esteem song, but it's actually a confidence-in-what-God-is-doing-in-my-life song. The kids know that they are important to God and that He loves them immensely. Thanks so much for making this theme come alive for the kids at my church."

Rev. Randy Christensen, Associate Pastor - Children's Ministries, Bayside Christian Fellowship, Green Bay, WI.

"We got a copy last night, and my kids have been listening to and singing to the music all day long!
We love it!"

A very happy mom

SuperKidz Sing History Maker front cover

"The worship music is great! I'm going to use several of the songs at the camps I conduct this summer!"
Dick Gruber, Children's Ministries Specialist
Valley Forge Christian College, Phoenixville, PA.

"Our pastoral staff and children's pastor were raving over it when they heard it!"
Cathy Brown, PromiseLand Director, VineLife Church, Boulder, CO.

"Hey, I listened to your CD, every song, instrumentals and all, and IT ROCKS!!! Man is it good. The voices are so strong and each song is very anointed. I really sensed it. Way to go. For a kid's choir in churches it would be great, and just to listen to it - POWERFUL!!"
Ned & Joan Way, Children's Evangelists, Louisville, KY.


"After listening to many children's worship CDs that sound like they were made on a home keyboard and that have cheesy sounding kids, how refreshing to listen to a children's worship CD that actually sounds worshipful and sounds like the real kids at my church! There is a short list of kid's CDs that I like, and I am happy to add History Maker to that list."
Karl Bastian, the Kidologist. Founder of Kidology Inc.

"I played the CD last night....fantastic! Great job....the kids were awesome!"
Rev. Bob Cook, Former Superintendent, Rocky Mountain District Council of the Assemblies of God

"When my puppet team heard the music, they kept saying, "We want to use this song! We want to use that song!" They picked 5 of the songs for our puppets!"
Leonard Mares, Children's Pastor, New Life Worship Center, Federal Heights, CO.

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