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How do you get kids to enjoy and be involved in singing during services and children's events?
We struggled with this for a long time. We have found that solving the problem of children not being involved in singing has mainly to do with 2 things:

A couple of other points: It usually takes more than one song to get the kids flowing along with you. Same for adults in adult song services. Perhaps the ministry team needs to reevaluate what it is they are trying to accomplish - if what you are doing is just having a gathering time and warm up for the rest of the activities, then the song may not get a lot of response from the kids. Also - true worship takes time to move into. We as people (whatever age) don't just come into church, sing one song, and truly enter into worship. And worship takes an entirely different kind of song than fun, action, fast-paced songs. We know from experience that children are VERY capable of entering into true worship, but it usually isn't until at least the 3rd song, and we determine to change the entire mode we are in from praise into worship.

We sincerely believe that the number one thing that should characterize believer's lives is WORSHIP. Whether child, teen or adult, entering into the Presence of God in worship has to be number one. We hear quite often the question, "How do you get kids to really enter into worshipping God? All they want to do is goof around, or stand there with dulled eyes and mute like they are in a trance or drugged."
We know what you mean - been there ourselves. As you might have guessed, it starts with you and me - the leaders. It starts with our personal devotion and love for Jesus. PASSION. Passion must penetrate everything we are and do and think and even feel. A passion for true adoration and worship of God. People will pick up on that. Many will follow our example. Many leaders and teachers (even parents!!) will begin to grasp the reality of having a passion for Jesus, and not only desire it for themselves, but also begin expressing it in everything they are and do and think and feel. This workshop would be more acurately titled, "A New Passion for Jesus." Children will almost instantaneously catch it. When they see it lived out before them, they will sense a desire to worship and adore the Lord of Glory, too. Notice I did not say "modeled" before them, for our passion for Jesus can never be degraded to mere performance. We who lead praise and worship with children (or teens or adults, for that matter) must lead by first being passionate worshippers ourselves. We may not have a perfect voice, all the sound system may not be functioning properly, the music team may not be the best musicians, the wrong song may be queued up from the CD, the distractions may seem insurmountable. The enemy has millenniums of practice with distractions. BUT IF WE BREAK THROUGH TO WORSHIP WITH ABANDONMENT AND PASSION, and we usher ourselves and everyone there into the Presence of God, that's really what it is all about. Our worship time will have been successful. We will have reached the heart of the Father and blessed Him. And the children will have had an encounter with the Living Jesus. We just happen to believe that once children get a taste of meeting the reality of God, they will remember, and always want more.

How about you?

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